Creating Sales and Marketing Alignment to Win More Sales

Marketing says sales isn’t pushing hard enough, sales claims marketing isn’t feeding them the right leads. Have you ever experienced this situation in your organization?  But, for business to move forward, sales and marketing need to work together to win more deals. In essence, you need sales and marketing alignment to continue making deals and improve your bottom line. Here are a couple of ways to create sales and marketing alignment in your organization.

What’s Alignment?

The level of cooperation between sales and marketing is what alignment is about. Both departments are aligned to the buyer in some way; they are both working towards a common goal, and, to achieve this, the two teams need to share metrics, resources and a an understanding of what works in their favor.

Aligning Goals/Prospects

The goal is to sell more, no doubt. But, are both teams clear as to how they want to win more deals? Sales and marketing both need to be clear on who the ideal customer is, what the unique selling proposition (USP) of your brand/product is going to be and how exactly you are going to position your product or service. If you are selling software and “speed + efficiency” is going to be your value proposition, then that is what needs to be highlighted in both messages.

Alignment In Planning

A “silo” approach is not going to work. And just exchanging dozens of emails, stats, metrics and presentations is not going to help either. Let marketing sit in on a couple of sales calls each quarter. When marketers get insight into what problems sales reps are facing, as well as insight into the prospect market, they can do better research. This will result in creating better campaigns and placing them in the right place at the right time.

Aligning Content

Like we’ve mentioned in many of our earlier blog posts, today’s buyers are well-informed and have many more options available to them. Compelling content is what helps your brand get some traction in the market, and both teams need to formulate a content strategy that is beneficial. Marketers need to look beyond basic lead generation and create content that attracts the right leads, which can also be used in the selling process. Sales reps, meanwhile, need to use that targeted content and keep marketing informed about how well the content is working. This helps refine the message in future.

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