There’s a common notion that great sales reps close deals on nothing but hard work and charisma, but the reality is that even the best reps can benefit from some added support. Sales team leaders can help their reps reach their max potential (and their quotas) by expanding their CRM with sales enablement materials. 

Sales enablement materials comprise various resources to help your reps do the job more effectively and efficiently. These include internal tools to help prepare for a call and external resources to share with prospective clients. This post will cover the best sales enablement materials to help your reps win more deals.

Bonus: here's everything you could possibly want to know about sales enablement.

(1) Scheduling System: Consistent engagement is key to closing more deals. Whether the communication is outbound prospecting, quarterly touchpoints, or any contact during the buyer’s journey, scheduling daily tasks ensures reps are contacting prospects and customers promptly.

(2) Sales Script: A good sales script anticipates questions and challenges that might come up and provides your reps with the best avenues to take when they do. Use your experienced reps as a resource here. They know better than anyone the most common objections that newer reps are likely to run into, which you can easily implement into the script.

(3) Email Templates: Whether your reps are out prospecting or working to engage existing clients, it can be time-consuming and inefficient to write out email after email. With tried and tested email templates, you can free up some bandwidth. A good email template is one that consistently elicits engagement and responses. Even if that means allowing prospects to raise their hand and bow out, you’re still enabling your rep to cross a name off the list and move on to a better lead.

(4) Sales Enablement Content: Content provides excellent support for your sales reps but only if they have it at their fingertips. It’s essential to house all your sales and marketing materials in a single, easy-to-use place. As your prospects and customers move through the sales cycle, your sales reps should be able to quickly and easily access whatever resources they need for each point in the journey. Sales enablement content includes the following. 

  • Social media and blog posts: Doing the work to familiarize prospects with your product before a call can significantly make a rep’s life easier. With effective social media and blog content, you can educate and impress prospects before a sales call even happens. Plus, your reps can use this content to follow up with leads and maintain engagement throughout the sales cycle.
  • eBooks and Guides: eBooks and guides are great thought leadership material. When used to address common pain points that your prospects and customers are having, they position your organization as an authority on the subject. 
  • Testimonials: Sometimes, it’s best to simply let your product speak for itself (or let customers who already love you do it). With various testimonials to share, your reps can provide more assurance to prospects that your product is as good as a rep makes it sound. These can include case studies, customer reviews, or even a network of your most loyal clients with which your prospects can connect. By allowing potential clients to look through the lens of your existing customer base, you can bolster the power of your sales pitch.
  • Case Studies: Case studies differ from testimonials as testimonials are usually short and come from the customer. Case studies, on the other hand, are made by the company providing the service and focus on showing how the company was able to solve a problem (or problems) that the customer was experiencing, and they demonstrate the outcomes that the client achieved because of the solution your company offered.
  • Presentation Deck Templates: Much like emails, creating slide decks can take up a lot of space in your reps’ days. While each rep needs to integrate specific information for each presentation, you can get them off to a good start with a ready-to-go template. These templates allow your reps to spend less time preparing and more time selling. Plus, you can ensure that your brand is presented accurately and consistently throughout the organization.
  • Videos: Videos are a powerful tool when used appropriately. Nowadays, we’re all used to watching videos to learn about anything. The B2B world is trending this way as well. You can empower your sellers with professionally made videos demonstrating your products and services, or even give them a tool like Vidyard to enable them to send 1:1 videos to prospects that have a personal touch and help them connect better in this virtual world.

(5) Competitor Analysis: One of the best ways to prepare your reps for calls is to provide sufficient information regarding the competition. A rep will be more likely to overcome an objection if they know precisely what a competitor offers and how you can better meet their needs. At a minimum, reps should have access to up-to-date analysis of your top competitors.

Competitor information can include product portfolios, pricing, and other value adds. You can even build competitor “battle cards”, which give easy side-by-side comparisons for your sellers about areas where your product or service is stronger, and details they can use to back up their claims.

(6) Sales Enablement Platform: A sales enablement platform is software where all your sales and marketing content can be stored and shared, and it also can accomplish the other aforementioned functions (scheduling, scripting, and emailing). You should ensure that any platform you use integrates well with your CRM software so that you have one source of truth.

For teams using Salesforce as the CRM and sales enablement tools like Seismic or Highspot, additional benefits can be gained by using a Salesforce-native sales engagement platform like Salesvue as well. A sales engagement platform will help sellers follow systematic processes, so tying in an easy way to find and share content where sellers are already spending time (Salesforce) is a win-win-win.

You set your reps up for success when you think of your sales and marketing materials as sales enablement tools. A continuous focus on making the sales cycle smoother will keep new leads coming in, result in more closed deals, and help you retain your sales team long-term.

If you’re ready to jumpstart your sales enablement strategy, request a demo of Salesvue today.