Don't get scared. Get prepared. Salesforce data security is an issue that will continue to grow in the digital age and companies need to be aware that the apps they're installing may be leaving their Salesforce data at risk.


We've all been there. You leave your home for a long trip and suddenly think, "Did I leave the back door unlocked?"

It's annoying, right? Your home contains so many of the things that are important to you: everything from an expensive TV to Grandma's silverware could be up for grabs if you left a single door unlocked.

In a way, your Salesforce organization is a home for your whole company. From high value opportunities and hot new leads, to confidential internal company communications: it all lives in Salesforce. Do you really want to risk that data falling into the wrong hands?

Salesvue salesforce workflow automation security data unlocked


Many solutions for Salesforce are based on a simple concept: send all of your Salesforce data to an outside system. Third party providers tell you not to worry, that it’s safe and secure, but in many ways this is just leaving a wide open door to your Salesforce data. Maybe it will be safe and maybe it won't. But in the end, wouldn't it be nice if you could just shut the door and have one less thing for your business to worry about?

Integration companies produce flashy marketing pages with catchy industry logos proclaiming that the company is trustworthy. Trust is hard to come by in the technology industry. It seems that there’s another data breach reported every month; more likely go unreported. Even large companies who are doing everything right can make simple mistakes.


At Salesvue we took this problem of trust and tackled it head on. We embraced the Salesforce platform and learned every way it could be leveraged to minimize the need for external services. It's taken time, but in the end we have built (and continue to improve) the leading sales empowerment tool on the Salesforce platform. And we don’t require you to send all of your sensitive lead information to third party servers.




Because of the flexibility we have built into the Salesvue Plan structure, you can automate any activity or series of activities you feel would benefit from standardization and automation.

To deliver additional value and flexibility to accommodate each team’s needs, our Plans also provide you with the ability to set expected Outcomes from each activity type so that dispositioning activities can be done quickly and consistently. Finally, our Plans can also automatically perform a variety of additional tasks, such as updating fields and initiating other tasks, to help streamline and automate the entire work flow.