The key to maintaining a profitable business is to keep your customers happy. The cost of acquiring a new customer is much greater than the cost it requires to keep an old one. Here are a few ways you can use a tool like Salesvue to keep your existing customers happy.


Sometimes, when you have a large sales team, things can get mixed up. You don’t want different sales reps handling the same customer. Similarly, if you have segmented your customer to a particular audience base, you need to make sure they are targeted with the relevant campaigns, emails and updates. If your customer is a parent with a toddler, she may not want updates on loans and promotions for college education. From your previous interactions, you will also be able to gauge when and how to best contact your customers; some may respond better via email or during the morning hours. Keep a track of your customer’s interactions and preferences so that you maintain consistency when you communicate with them. All customers appreciate the feeling that you know them well.


You need to keep track of your customer’s purchases and interactions.  If they come to you with a fresh query, you can look into the information you have and help them make a purchase or a decision with ease. Better still, you can anticipate when they may need to make a repeat purchase and get in touch with them. When you anticipate your customers’ needs, they will feel well-taken care of.


Some sales reps may sit back and take it easy, thinking that their compensation will remain the same whether they make the sale or not. Others may be putting in extra hours and effort and bringing in more clients. Give your sales reps an incentive to work more and sell more, by offering them performance-based incentives. Keep track of the activities of all your sales representatives and note how much time and resources they are spending to close deals. When you identify your most efficient sales reps, working on a compensation strategy becomes easier. Plus, it motivates them to sell build stronger relationships with their customers. Salesvue can help you achieve all of the above. Our dashboard allows you to keep track of every sale and interaction between your sales team and customers. The call-logging system makes it easy for sales reps to record the details of each interaction, along with the outcome; so they know where to pick up from their last call. You can also filter data based on campaign, customer and sales rep, so you can create a more personalized experience based on past preferences and purchases. By recording and retracing the exact steps that led to a successful sale, Salesvue helps you close more.


Your  customer approached you to solve a problem they could not handle themselves. The problem solving attitude must extend beyond the sale. There are bound to be some complaints, queries or feedback after the deal is done. You must be prompt in your response and act quickly - you have to respect the relationship and build customer's trust further. Complaints are an opportunity to give your customers service they will appreciate and remember for a long time to come. Plus, it also serves as a learning ground to prevent similar problems in the future.


Your customers should feel that their needs are being met- you should be able to forecast or predict what they may need, in fact. Based on previous purchases and latest interactions, as well as developments within their organization, you should provide them content that is useful and provides some value. Understand your customer's pain points and their hot buttons and give them information which triggers a purchase. You can communicate with them once in a while to see how they are doing and understand what they may need, or make use of a survey or alternate research and marketing tool.


We know that in addition to the customers you already handle, you are also required to hunt for new leads and nurture prospects. So it can get a little difficult to keep in touch with everyone on a consistent basis. But you can rely on smart automation tools to help you keep engaged with your customers. Salesvue's automated campaigns and customizable campaigns tackle sales opportunities. Salesvue guides sales reps through exactly which touch points to uitilize and eliminate the guesswork of finding a suitable follow-up timeframe. Keep the communication flowing and stay on top of your customer's minds with Salesvue.