No business can function well without a dedicated sales team. Your salespeople are your windows to the world, the people who are actually pushing your product or service at an individual level. You can have the most skilled sales force, but if they are not managed well, then you will not see results. Here are a few tips to managing your sales team well:


Delegation is required, but you must act as a coach and guide to your team. Help when they face a problem, give them direction when they are confused about how to deal with a prospect, and, most importantly, ask. Ask them what issues they are facing.


Each individual has a different style and pace of working. Give your sales team some breathing space - allow them to work within a defined framework instead of sticking to fixed rules. Once you observe your sales executives, you will be able to gauge their core strengths and weaknesses. Encourage them to work with their strengths without protocol holding them back. You should also brainstorm with your team and understand if they would like to do things differently or take an alternate approach. When you ask for ideas, you may end up with a better process. Avoid micromanagement and create an environment that encourages sharing and expressing opinions.


You need to stay abreast of what is happening within your team. Look where each sales executive stands; look at who has a higher conversion rate; understand where prospects fall off the radar for others. Evaluate how each sales executive is handling their prospects. When you identify problem areas, you can pair up struggling performers with high sellers and produce better results. Tracking the performance of your sales executives and tracking their turnaround time becomes easier when you use a platform like Salesvue. Salesvue provides you with valuable insights on conversion rates, call metrics, and other data that helps identify your best sales reps. It equips sales executives with the tools they need to effectively coach and manage their sales team to recreate success.