Sales reps spend over 40% of their daily time on tasks that aren’t selling, according to a report by Dooly, which is simply time lost, and revenue opportunities lost. Even if you simply employ a few full-time salespeople, hundreds of paid hours per week might result in a negative return on investment. When you consider that organizations spend five times more on employing a sales rep than training them, this number seems less shocking. In any sector, poor sales training is a persistent issue.

So, what's the answer? We feel that high-quality sales enablement tools may be the solution. In this post, we'll break down what enablement tools are, why sales enablement is important, and some of the best sales enablement tools that can help enterprise organizations close more deals.

What are Sales Enablement Tools?

Sales enablement aims to develop a sales enablement strategy that provides sales representatives with the information and tools they need to successfully push a buyer down the business's sales funnel. This process might include producing data sheets, industry-specific case studies, and comparison tables to aid a sales representative in convincing a lead to buy.

It also entails training salespeople on best practices and providing them with the resources they require to be productive. To achieve this in your company, you'll need to know who your ideal buyer is to supply them with the materials they need and want along the way.

A sales enablement tool is a software or application that helps your sales staff enhance and accelerate their effect. They're a must-have for every business looking to expand and attract the right clients. While many sales enablement solutions are available, they all serve the same purpose of assisting sellers in generating high-quality leads and closing sales. The way they do so, though, varies across these tools.

Sales enablement software has several advantages for your firm. Better alignment between sales and marketing teams and faster sales cycles are the two key advantages of implementing such a solution.

Why is Sales Enablement Important?

Every company is distinct, which means each has its own sales enablement requirements. Customers will spend less time in the sales funnel if your product is less priced. You might wish to employ a prospecting and lead creation tool.

On the other hand, you may sell a high-ticket item or service. In this instance, your funnel will be longer and more reliant on partnerships. Your sales enablement software may require a sophisticated content management and distribution system if this describes you.

While most sales enablement systems have some capability in each of these categories, selecting one that is specifically tailored to your needs is critical. The correct tool will affect your sales team's and customers' experiences and your bottom line.

Top Sales Enablement Tools for Salesforce Users

Salesforce is by far the most widely used CRM, and these enablement tools are perfect to use with it. Whether you're looking for free sales enablement tools or tools that can provide an excellent sales enablement framework, the following tools are worth looking into!


Seismic is a sales and marketing enablement software that unites your marketing and sales teams in delivering the most compelling stories throughout your buyers’ journeys. AI-powered content recommendations, instructional design software and content curation tools make sure the right content is being created for the right moment. Plus, with Seismic’s insightful metrics that tell sellers when and how prospects are engaging with their content, you can improve the buyer experience resulting in faster deal cycles, higher win rates, and more efficient and effective content management.


Similar to Seismic, Highspot’s sales enablement platform makes it easy for reps to locate content all in a single platform. It sports an intuitive UI, powerful search, and curated browsing experiences. With flexible ways to organize resources and keep them up to date and compliant, your reps always have access to the latest versions. It’s also versatile, supporting more than 80 integrations and over 40 content types so you can bring together decks, videos, and more.


Get real time AI-driven coaching on your emails or research your prospects. Lavender shows social data, calendar events, personality profiles, and more on your recipient so you can create messaging that engages them. It also tailors and personalizes your email messages using powerful AI that generates personalized intro sentences for you.


SalesIntel is a global provider of high quality data intelligence solutions, empowering revenue teams to accelerate growth. You can generate target account lists that match your exact ideal customer profile by filtering through millions of technographic, firmographic, and over 9,000 buyer intent data topics. With 95% accurate and human-verified data, sales reps spend less time searching for the correct contact information and more time on their selling tasks. You can also automatically update your prospect records through data enrichment, ensuring that only verified quality records are being reached through selling efforts.


Prolifiq provides the intelligence you need to drive your sales strategy. With account relationship mapping, you can easily identify key account influencers and find the path to the shortest sales cycle.

Quickly visualize your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to improve growth strategies and tactics. Prolifiq works with your existing Salesforce data to see how your sales strategy can be streamlined and improved. It also includes influence charting, which provides intel about account champions and potential blockers, which helps you better navigate account-based selling efforts.

LevelEleven by AscentCloud

LevelEleven is a sales coaching and gamification solution that reinforces key behaviors through personalized scorecards, automated recognition, and data-driven coaching natively within Salesforce. Its gamification methods feature contests and leaderboards that foster competition and accountability, and help your team remember to celebrate success. It’s not just a glorified scoreboard though, it also tracks important metrics that can lead to insights for better sales processes and thus, achieving more goals.

Ruler Analytics

Ruler is a marketing attribution system for forms, phone calls, and live chat that tracks every step a visitor takes on their journey and associates income with the source. It operates by keeping track of each visitor throughout numerous sessions, traffic sources, keywords, and other factors. Ruler transmits all of the information it has collected about your leads and their marketing touchpoints to your CRM whenever they convert.

Some leads may naturally fall through the cracks, while others will turn into a transaction or sale. In such a case, the customer's information is delivered back to the Ruler dashboard, including the revenue amount and marketing data. This information is then correlated across the customer's touchpoints, allowing you to understand which marketing channels are having the most influence on your revenue KPIs and objectives.


Emissary connects you with a network of former executives of over 10,000 Fortune 500 executives, which can help you get insider information to help you seal the deal in a B2B sales situation for key target accounts.. Emissary offers solutions for better account planning and sales strategy with valuable insights on account politics, company structure, key decision makers, and what the company wants and needs, so you can put your best foot forward in enterprise account-based selling efforts.

Tie Your Technology Together with Salesforce

Feeling inspired about enablement tools and what they can offer your business? We've made a clear case for why sales enablement tools are valuable. However, if you have Salesforce as your CRM of choice, you'll need to use tools that can integrate with that platform seamlessly.

Salesvue is another excellent tool to use for that exact use case. Salesvue is an incredibly easy-to-use, powerful native sales engagement platform that seamlessly integrates all of your enablement tools with Salesforce, so you can align your enablement tools with your communication and sales engagement.

Request a demo of Salesvue today to see how much our software can drastically improve your enablement and engagement practices.