The world of sales has gotten a lot more process and technology-oriented in the last two decades. Door-to-door sales and phone selling are outdated. Today, customers know how to find you, thanks to the internet and online reviews and stores. Technology helps you get customers in the door, but you still need that human touch to aid conversions. Here is how you can use technology to improve your human touch:


You can connect with your customer easily thanks to CRM tools, the web and even social media. Once you have established contact, you can begin transactions by communicating directly. Remember to request for more than one point of contact - if you call them and they do not answer, you should be able to direct your message to an email address, mailing address or online platform so that they know you have been trying to get in touch. This also comes in handy when you need to send out proposals.


Technology gives you the ability to access and store tremendous amount of data about your customers. A lot of information is generated over each sales cycle, and you can sift out the data that counts and keep that in the system. This way, you can personalize your interactions with your customers and offer them what they need when they need it.


Technology has enabled speedy communication, and if you cannot maintain timely communication with your prospect and customers, they will move on to the next competitor. Send an acknowledgement when they you receive a request, and let them know when you will respond- a simple email or phone call will do. Your customer should know that you are working on providing a solution. Next, understand what the concerns are and provide an answer at the earliest- and deliver it in a manner that is convenient and accessible. Salesvue’s technology enables you to take advantage of making connections and adding a human touch. Our system allows you to log calls, easily track meetings, proposals and outcomes. You can understand where critical calls, voice mails, referrals and appointments take place, and really understand where your customers are and what their preferences are.