The sales funnel is where a bulk of the sales activity of a business takes place.  It is called a sales funnel because it appears as such - the top of the sales funnel is wider, because your funnel is filled with potential customers, and towards the bottom, your funnel gets narrower, until you are left with those few choice leads who convert into paying customers. The top of the sales funnel has the leads that have come your way via the efforts of your marketing team, online advertising campaigns, inbound advertising and so on. Those who want to learn more about your product will stick around to understand more, and will get the opportunity to interact with your business on a more personal level. This midsection of your funnel is the most important, because it relies on a human touch and the genuine efforts of your sales team. It is upto your sales team to understand the needs of the prospect and educate them on the benefits of choosing you product, nudging them towards purchase. These interactions and activities between the sales team and prospects will lay the groundwork for a successful sale.

Most companies invest in a CRM (customer relationship management) system to help understand their sales process better. A common challenge most managers and sales reps face is learning how to use those CRM tools to their advantage. What should they be looking for? How should they measure success and productivity? Which stages should you monitor, and which stages are falling short of expectations? CRM tools should help you identify problem areas and troubleshoot inconsistencies. You should be able to tell, at a glance, whether targets are being met and if leads are falling through. But not all CRM tools are sophisticated enough to break down the metrics. Here's our best advice on how to bridge the gap from the beginning to the end of your sales funnel.

This is where Salesvue comes in. Salesvue is a sales engagement tool that helps you keep track of all the activity that is happening in the sales process and in your funnel. Salesvue allows you to easily track meetings, proposals and outcomes; and not just look at what is happening on the surface but dig deeper. Salesvue's easy call logging system allows sales representatives to record each and every conversation and interaction they have. They can specify the time, the nature of the call and the outcomes. Salesvue optimizes the human touch, focusing on getting you details about what is happening as sales reps interact with clients, so you know what tactics work and what don't. Salesvue helps identify the metrics behind the sales call, which makes it easier to understand how well your pipeline is functioning.