As a sales leader, the best way to set your salespeople up for success is by supplying them with a great sales tech stack. If you are unfamiliar with the concept of a sales tech stack, it is the technology used by a salesperson to do their job. This may include the CRM, sales engagement software, analytical reporting, content repository, and security. By providing your team with the best sales tech stack, you can ensure that the sales process will become faster, smoother, and more efficient.

What is in a Sales Tech Stack


Every good sales tech stack starts with a good CRM system. CRM, or customer relationship management, is key to the life of a salesperson. Their job revolves around customers and how well they can retain current ones and gain new ones. This is particularly important in sales since being able to visualize your pipeline plays a huge role in the success of the sales process. By using a good CRM system, you will be able to track cadence success, real-time data, and contact management among other features.

Sales Engagement

Behind every good salesperson is a good sales engagement platform. This technology helps the sales process move along by automating emails, appointment setup, dialer, and more. Your sales engagement platform allows you to secure more opportunities by reducing your time of manual tasks. By automating your day as a salesperson, you can reach more prospects, follow-up with more leads, and close more deals.


Your sales tech stack should include a platform that provides analytics. While this may seem obvious, you must make sure the analytics and reports generated are useful, simple, and actionable. Having good analytics is key for sales leaders, as these help with business decisions that can make or break your sales cycle. Usually, your analytics and reporting lives within your CRM or sales engagement platforms, so it is important to ensure these platforms align and work well together.

Content Repository

Content repositories allow companies and individuals to store all their data in one place. Everything from PDFs, images, documents, and more can be kept in a central location. These are a big part of your sales tech stack because they help keep everything together. Rather than having lots of content scattered throughout many platforms, a content repository will keep everything together. This helps streamline your workflow and keeps your sales team from having too many applications open at once.

Security Across All Tech

An issue for everyone is security, especially when dealing with technology. However, security for a salesperson is very important, since the information they are working with is not only their own. When dealing with a sales tech stack, data often travels between different applications. This can lead to jumbling information, or completely losing it. Therefore, having proper security is extremely important. When transferring data between a CRM system and a sales engagement platform, you must make sure you keep all the data of your prospects and clients secure. This is especially important if the two are not integrated well or live within the same platform.

Our Picks for the Best Sales Tech Stack

Below is the technology Salesvue recommends to build the ultimate sales tech stack. Here at Salesvue, we believe the best sales tech stack is a streamlined one. Having a frictionless sales tech stack that lives within one platform provides the greatest benefit. By utilizing this technology, you as a sales leader will ensure your sales team will become more efficient and increase your ROI.


Salesforce is an industry leading CRM system. By helping companies connect with their customers, Salesforce is at the forefront of efficiency and growth generation. By uniting marketing, sales, IT and more, Salesforce can provide benefits to both your customers and company. On top of this, Salesforce also offers a wide array of integrations, so your company can enhance your sales tech stack right through the Salesforce platform.


Salesvue is the first Salesforce native sales engagement platform. With Salesvue, you will gain all the benefits of a robust sales engagement platform with the ease of having one that lives within Salesforce. Automating emails, keeping up with tasks, tracking the sales process and more become seamlessly integrated into Salesforce when you take advantage of everything Salesvue has to offer.


Seismic provides users with a content repository. This allows sales reps to include the best content in their cadences. On top of this, Seismic also provides insight into engagement for both contacts and documents. By utilizing Seismic in your sales tech stack, your sales team can communicate and learn better. When paired with a strong sales engagement platform, Seismic both gains and provides even more value.


Formstack helps with lead generation forms and automated cadence follow-ups, which in turn leads to contracts. Lead information is automatically captured through Formstack, which then turns into automated emails to your sales reps. Formstack is also integrated with Salesvue, which gives a huge advantage when it comes to your sales tech stack. It is one less piece salespeople must worry about during their busy schedules.

Where to Live

As a sales leader, you must consider where you want your salespeople to live in their day-to-day activity. Whether they live in a CRM system, email, or sales engagement platform makes a big difference in how your sales tech stack works. Living in a CRM system, such as Salesforce, provides the easiest workflow for your sales team, as they will not have to move between as many applications.

This is why Salesvue lives within Salesforce, to ensure the easiest day to day workflow for your sales team. By living within Salesforce, Salesvue allows sales reps to save time and precious screen space. No longer will your sales reps have to click between applications or prioritize what they see. Having integrations with Salesforce, Seismic, and Formstack, Salesvue provides a very streamlined experience. The best sales tech stack is one that makes your day to day easier, and that is exactly what Salesvue provides.


Having the ultimate sales tech stack can put your sales team above all others. By making sure you have all components, such as a CRM system, sales engagement platform, analytical reporting, content repository, and security across all your technology, you can ensure your sales team will have a much smoother day to day experience. On top of this, making sure you use integrated technology can help make the sales process even better.

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