10 Benefits of Salesforce Workflow & Process Automation

Everything is about time. It always has been. Most of the greatest inventions and innovations have come from people wanting to take a manual task and automate it through mechanical or technological means. We create machines to do physical work and computers and programs to take the “thought” out of mental tasks in order to do what? Save time and money. Increase productivity and efficiency. Reduce human error.

mechanical steering tool Salesvue Process Automation solutions for Salesforce

For most Salesforce users, the same tasks and activities are being repeated on a daily basis. 

Here’s 10 Benefits to automating…

  • Companies implementing process automation have a competitive advantage over their competitors, both in operability and reliability.
  • Process automation reduces operative costs and increases both, speed and reliability of task implementation, development, and support.
  • Enhances work continuity throughout for transactions that involve multiple roles and departments.
  • It improves strategic analysis and streamlines the deployment of applications through automated job execution.
  • Eliminates manual execution of command sequences subjected to human error, increasing efficiency and productivity of the organization.
  • It enables visibility and control of all workflows and tasks, providing status reports of completed processes, in progress and incoming tasks.
  • It enables the capture of measurable and actionable data and analytics by creating consistent results and outcomes for activities.

Workflow mapping Salesvue process automation

  • It increases the speed and efficiency of change implementation within the organization by being able to make universal changes.
  • It improves and enhances the onboarding and training process for new hires by providing a clear road map from day one rather than leaving them to figure it out on the job.
  • It allows best practices and expectations to be established by being able to A/B test and compare results from different processes.

While most sales enablement platforms or automation application only handle sales teams needs, Salesvue’s native Salesforce.com platform is flexible enough to handle process automation for any department. Each business can create multiple processes/plans for different aspects of the business to ensure that no business is falling through the cracks. From Marketing, Sales, Account Management, Renewals and more, Salesvue allows organizations to automate processes and sequences for every role.

The advantage of Salesvue is the ability to dynamically connect and route processes from department to department and/or role to role based on one-click results and status changes, thus covering the ENTIRE SALES CYCLE.