Sales and marketing departments use marketing automation tools to speed the repetitive tasks involved in managing marketing campaigns. However, many find that marketing automation tools alone aren’t enough, and when it comes to finding sales engagement solutions that work with their chosen (Salesforce) CRM, the options narrow. In this post, we’ll posit the perfect software supplement (aka Salesvue) to Salesforce marketing automation tools.


Convenience and security.

  • Salesvue is native to Salesforce, which means you don’t have to switch between the two, and all Salesforce fields are synced seamlessly across Salesforce, Salesvue, and Salesforce Marketing Cloud. playbook for sales rep
  • It’s easy to update multiple fields in Salesforce with a single button click in Salesvue. With other sales engagement platforms, data is often fragmented, requiring a lot of effort to find, import, export, and manipulate it.
  • There is no information loss or compromised data with Salesvue. You are in your Salesforce instance's secure environment, so your customers' data is not subject to breach, as it would be outside of Salesforce.
  • All marketing and sales data stays in one place, so it’s easy to generate reports that answer key questions about the entire sales cycle for prospecting to renewals and upsells.

Improved rep performance 

  • The playbook for each rep’s day is laid out for them. Established, automated workflows and processes make sure each seller knows who to contact, what to say, and how to engage prospects. account based prospecting
  • Configurable best-practice cadences help your reps capitalize on your organization's best sales behaviors and make sure your prospects and customers are getting a consistent experience with your company. salesvue cadence builder
  • Follow-up tasks help make sure everyone can effortlessly keep track of their prospects, and no one slips through the cracks. Sellers can consistently reach out to prospects and customers at the perfect time.

More comprehensive insights. 

  • Using the Math of Sales, you can compare conversion ratios by rep, lead source, touch, industry, or any data from your Salesforce account so you can see what’s working and what’s not. From Salesforce, your sales team has all marketing tracking information at their fingertips, including which content your leads engaged with, what the source was, and which campaign it came from, so marketing and sales can be coordinated around what adjustments to make to continuously grow revenue.
With Salesvue, your sales and marketing teams will be able to do more, close more and improve more, making it the perfect supplement to Salesforce marketing automation. See for yourself how it works by watching a video demo, or request a demo.