To make the most of your sales career, you've got to seek new opportunities to develop your skills, knowledge and expertise. And with many organizations offering courses and certification programs online, you can find professional training that works with your busy schedule. Following are some types of training that can advance your career – and maybe even boost your salary.


The National Association of Sales Professionals, American Association of Inside Sales Professionals, and Sales & Marketing Executives International all offer certifications for sales professionals. While completing a certificate program allows you to add a credential to your business cards or email signature, the most important benefit of such training is learning about the latest trends in sales. Certification also demonstrates your commitment to your career and your drive to succeed.


The ability to communicate with confidence and clarity can help break the ice with difficult prospects or enable you to give an outstanding presentation. So it never hurts to brush up on your public speaking skills and diction – especially if you aspire to manage a sales team. NASP offers a “Voice of Influence” course online to help participants control their voice and learn how to be more persuasive communicators. There are also businesses that offer in-person public speaking workshops for individuals and groups.


Many people have had no formal training for specific applications or software they use on the job. Think about the number of businesses that require employees to use Microsoft Outlook for company email. Often, the only “training” workers receive is a username and password. When you fully understand how to use software most effectively, you can be more productive. Software providers may offer free general training online (as Microsoft does). With specialized applications like Salesforce, though, you may have to pay for training (although unlimited access to training courses comes with certain service plans).


Anytime you’re considering professional training that will make you a stronger member of your sales team, ask your manager if you can be reimbursed for training costs. Many companies are willing to foot the bill for training that ultimately leads to more closed deals. And managers may be able to negotiate a lower rate for group training's.