There's no doubt about it: a CRM platform is a must have for all businesses today. But, how exactly do they help? A good CRM system is more than just a virtual directory of past and present clients. Salesforce knew that when they created their own CRM which is why they offer much more. Here are 4 reasons your sales organization should adopt a Salesforce-backed CRM solution.

1. Better Lead Intelligence

In today's selling landscape, most potential consumers find you when they are much further in the buying process.  Because of this, leads will interact with your brand and website based on their immediate needs and budget. You need to be able to access those behaviors and gain that information quickly in order to make the first move. With a CRM system like Salesforce, you can access that information quickly and without hassle. By keeping in sync with your marketing team, you can access lead intelligence from the same source. You can record this information, as well as all subsequent interactions with the lead, quickly and easily with Salesforce. Bonus: Salesvue has a smart one-click call-logging tool, so recording lead preferences becomes simpler.

2. 360 Degree View Of Your Customer

Timing is also important. If you don't move in the right direction with the right information when your prospect needs it, you may lose a deal. You need to know exactly what your prospect is looking for and which stage of the funnel they are in. With Salesforce, you can use the data you've captured to create a profile for existing and potential customers, and gain real-time insight into their behavior and possible buying patterns. You see the complete picture instead of siloed information and individual unrelated calls.

3. Scalability

Startups have different needs compared to large companies, and, as your business grows, the issues you and your customers face are likely to change over time. The tools and techniques you used in the initial phase may not work. Salesforce is easy to integrate and can be scaled up to suit any size company, regardless of the number of customers or size of the sales team.

4. Better Communication

Effective communication is critical to successful lead and customer management. Strong inter-departmental communication is also a must for business success. Whether you are following up with your leads, negotiating with an existing customer or working out a hurdle with the marketing team, there is room for confusion, misunderstanding and error. This usually happens when businesses don't have a good communication system and data is not transparent. Salesforce technology allows teams and individuals to quickly share information about calls, reports and deals in progress. This makes for a more efficient sales cycle and helps close deals quicker. Better communication and message management means that there are less chances of error. This could be miscommunication, the same message going out multiple times or a missed meeting or follow-up. Automated tasks mean that errors can be reduced, and with it, the time spent on correcting those errors is decreased. Less "wasted time" reduces overall expenditure, too. Salesforce isn't just a plain-vanilla CRM application; it is an information management service, task scheduler , communication tool and much, much more. Salesforce is even better when integrated with Salesvue. You can work in sync with your marketing team, reduce costs, save time and most importantly, sell more. Schedule a demo and, in just 15 minutes, you can see how you can benefit from the integrated  use of Salesvue and Salesforce.