The Art of Persistence in Sales

Persistence. The singular quality that every sales representative is required to have, but the trickiest to master. There is a fine line between persistence and stalking, and often, salespeople may not be able to tell how much is too much, because every prospect has a different level of tolerance. While persistence used in the right amount does pay, it can also prove to be an obstacle in achieving your goals, too. Annoying your prospect or coming off as desperate can turn them away. Here are a few ways to ensure that your persistence in sales is measured, yet effective.


Your prospects are inundated with calls through the day – from telemarketers to their bankers and insurance salesmen and maybe even their nannies. You need to use the right language to make sure they listen to you. Forget the marketing fluff of “How are you today/I just called to check in/I just called to see how you were doing since we spoke last.” You are not a telemarketer, parent, or therapist. Be professional, speak like a professional.


You need to tell your prospect why you are calling and what you need to discuss. No vagueness. Be upfront and tell them why exactly you are calling. Is it to find out whether they read your proposal? Is it to find out if they reached a decision? Is it to ask whether they signed the documents you asked them to? They may not be able to recall what exactly was discussed in your last interaction, so this will make it easier on them and they will appreciate your openness.


This is where sharing relevant content and communicating via different channels can help. After a phone call, send your prospect an email, perhaps an article or white paper that is relevant to their problem and highlights your expertise. Birthdays, anniversaries and holidays are also a good time to touch base and let them know that they are on your mind. You can also send your prospects a company newsletter or product/service announcement, as long as it is relevant.We understand your need to be persistent with your leads and prospects, but we also understand that not every prospect is made the same, nor is every sales rep. That is why Salesvue can help you track interactions and determine how many calls and touches it takes to close a sale. Salesvue’s total activities report and call reports show you all that goes on during the prospecting and negotiations process; plus, you can dig deeper to uncover and understand how your prospects are reacting. Fine-tune your searches based on campaign, sales reps, time of day and day of the week. When you know where you stand, you are better prepared to follow up. You can record this data and take note of their preferences to close more deals in the future. By controlling how and when leads are touched, Salesvue makes sure that no one slips through the cracks.