When it comes to sales data, it's not enough for sales organizations to store information on accounts. With the proper tools, this data can become extremely useful for obtaining a clear view of the selling landscape and for creating strategic decisions for driving revenue. As many sales managers and representatives know, Salesforce automates the data gathering process for you, which is great.  But here are a few ways you can gain a competitive edge using your data with the right Saleforce application.

Measure Activity

To measure success rates, you need to measure sales activity. Reports give managers an idea of how well the team is progressing, but that's not the only metric to measure. With the right tools, you can modify reports and data requirements to help you visualize the funnel better. Reports can range from new opportunities added in the past week to opportunities set to close or new contacts added into the system.

Connecting The Dots

Data gathered is useless if you are not able to use it to boost sales, grow more or manage resources better. Don't just use the data to see how well or how fast your sales reps are moving; use it to connect the dots and make improvements to your entire business. Salesvue is an application that helps you monitor campaign success rates and modify the marketing message to better suit the prospect. Make a connection between previous deals and deals-in-progress, and see how this could affect future transactions.


In order to grow your business and achieve more, you need to share data and put it to good use. Make everyone on your team responsible for the data they provide. Having data on hand makes sales reps more accountable for their actions. Sales metrics, reports and activity monitoring will keep your sales reps alert and aware of where they are and where they need to be. It also allows for more accurate forecasting and forward planning. Better data means better lead management and analysis, better opportunity management, timely coaching and streamlined account planning. Look at your data as a decision-support mechanism, not just as a report of activities. The integration of Salesvue and Salesforce gives sales managers the power to take ownership of their data and get a bird's eye view of the entire sales process. View data related to prospects, existing customers, ongoing deals, forecasts and pretty much everything that's going on in your pipeline. With this enhanced visibility, sales managers can assess the performance of their sales reps, understand customer preferences and prospect behaviour, as well as uncover trends and patterns. Click here if you'd like to see Salesvue in action.