Salesvue is a native application that has been written to comply with the high security standards established by Salesforce. Do business knowing your data is always protected.


100% Native App

Unlike many solutions that “integrate” with Salesforce, our native app architecture ensures that your valuable data is secure and never leaves your Salesforce instance.

Plug & Play Installation

Our native app architecture means quick installation for your IT department or Salesforce Administrator.

Available On AppExchange

Salesvue is available in the Salesforce AppExchange.

Passed Salesforce Security Review

Salesvue has been thoroughly vetted by Salesforce’s 60 Day security review process.

Real Time Data Availability

Data syncing is not required for native applications, so you will always have your data available when you need it.

No Data Corruption

Salesvue will never cause your data to be corrupted.

See how Salesvue can keep your data secure