Judging your sales performance can be a subjective process, but it does not have to be when you have the right tools. Salesvue lets you analyze your sales cycle – from lead generation to closing the deal – so you can look for areas to improve.


Successful sales people can read their customers well, but intuition alone is not always enough to turn a prospect into a conversion. Salesvue software tracks each step of the sales cycle and gives you the data you need to make smart choices. If you find a positive correlation between the timing of follow-up calls and conversions, for example, your sales team can adopt new methods that drive results.


You cannot control all of the variables in the sales cycle, especially individual personalities. Some potential clients may be harder to convert, and some salespeople have the “soft skills” that may give them an edge over other team members. Salesvue data can dispel some of the mystery about why one team member outperforms another. You may notice patterns that indicate why one person consistently outsells another. That kind of information can help you create goals for your sales team that can lead to more consistent performance across the board.


Sales is about selling a product or service to people who actually need it, but success often depends heavily on the approach you use. And that approach cannot be the same for every potential client. Some decision-makers may respond well to cold calls or voice mails; others may be the type that have not listened to a voice mail in six months and prefer to conduct all business via email. When your sales team tracks its steps in Salesvue, over time, you can see how the timing and method of contact and follow-ups affects conversions. Do not make decisions in the dark. Let Salesvue data shape how you develop and refine your sales process. To learn more about how other businesses are using Salesvue to boost sales performance, download our case study, “Salesvue boosts sales conversions by 500% for PERQ.”