A perfect plan means nothing if it does not go out to anyone. Often overlooked, plan member management can be the difference between wasting resources and closing deals. It is very important to stay on top of plan members to ensure your messaging is reaching the right people all the time. Salesvue makes this simple by making it easy to add and remove members from a plan. By making the process easy, team leaders can focus more on which members should be a part of the plan, rather than worrying how they are going to get them there.

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What is Plan Member Management?

General Terminology

Knowing everyone is used to different terms, here is what Salesvue uses in its platform:

Plans: Plans are the sales cadences that keep sellers organized and efficient in the sales process. Plans are made up of different tasks (like emails, calls, or social media touches) that can be scaled up and sent out to thousands of prospects.

Contacts: Contacts are the people within Salesforce that you have information about. Contacts can be created within Salesforce, or imported from a third-party resource. This is where you will see all the details about someone.

Plan Members: Plan members are the contacts that are included on a plan. These are the people that will be on the other end of the touches sellers make. Plan members will receive emails, phone calls, or whatever else the team leader puts in place for his or her sellers to do.

Reports: Reports are a list of contacts you want included on a certain plan. These are a way to group contacts together that you want to target with a specific plan. For example, you may have a report of sales executives on the west coast. This report makes it easier to put those contacts on a plan that runs to target those sales executives. 

Why is Plan Member Management Important?

Plan member management provides a pleasant user experience. This is possible because through Salesvue, it is easy to add and remove people from a plan. By allowing leaders to not stress about adding or removing members, Salesvue allows for more time and thought to be put into which contacts should be on the plan. This means the plan members will be from a better target audience and will be more effective to reach. 

How to Add Members to a Plan from a Report

Now that there has been lots of talk about how easy it is to manage plan members, let us look into how this works. Start by opening the Salesvue Tools tab in the dashboard.

From here, select Manage Plan Members, then Add to Plan.

This is going to open a page of all the reports built in your Salesvue account. From here, select the report you want by selecting the box next to it.

This allows you to select from the dropdown box on the left labeled Select Id Column. 

From here, select the people you want to add to the plan, and you are good to go.

It’s that easy. Now you have members on your plan and sellers will be able to get started on the tasks to complete in the plan.

How to Remove Members from a Plan from a Report

To remove members from a plan is just as simple. It is essentially the same process.

Go into Salesvue Tools and select Manage Plan Members. However, instead of Add to Plan, this time, as you may have guessed, you are going to select Remove from Plan.

From here, it is the same steps as adding members to a plan.


All in all, adding and removing members from a plan should never cause stress or waste precious time. Salesvue strives to keep this true through a very intuitive process to do both. Salesvue acknowledges the importance of focusing efforts on who the members of the plan are, rather than wasting efficiency trying to get them there. Once you know who you want to target with a plan, Salesvue is designed to help you get there without any hassle.