How Sales Business Intelligence Can Help You Sell More

What is the one thing that can help you reach revenue targets? The sales rep? The product? The pricing? It’s not any of the above, actually. What really sets you up for success or failure is the prospecting process. Knowing where to hunt for new business, identifying which leads are worthy and nurturing them the right way are what will help you close more deals.  Prospecting for new business is a continuously critical step towards growing our business!

Let’s take a look at how dependable sales business intelligence can help you prospect more efficiently and ultimately close more deals.

Insight into your Target Market

Sales and marketing teams need to have sufficient insight on their target customers. Most businesses in the B2B space know their ideal customer pretty well, and many are already selling to them. But doing a little extra research and making note of little details helps, especially when the time comes to approach your prospect or existing customer for a repeat purchase. Buying habits and needs can change over time, and you can identify these changes by how your audience is interacting with your brand on your site, social media and even offline interactions. Take a look at what is going on inside their company and how it will affect purchase decisions. You also need to identify the right people to target, especially the ones who have the authority to make a purchase. When marketing teams and sales teams are in sync and know who fits the ideal customer bill, then marketing can pass on better qualified leads to the sales team. Everyone has a better idea on who to target and what content gets the best attention from their potential buyers.

Organized Data

Having access to copious data means nothing if it can’t be organized and used to your benefit. Combing through dozens of reports, checking back to see when a call was made and what the outcome was is tedious and wastes precious time. Salesvue makes it easy to log calls and record data. The one-click call logging tool saves time and boosts efficiency, and you can view what has been discussed and when. You can also tell at a glance how many leads are in your pipeline, how many conversations are ongoing and see exactly how your team is performing.

Best Practices

Honing in on what techniques and tools work best for you and your company is a great way to make prospecting smoother. By establishing a rhythm or workflow, you can follow it knowing that it will bring you results. Salesvue’s tracking and analytical tools hep you identify patterns, success stories and problem areas. Your sales reps will love knowing the prospecting cadence you’ve created so they know how long to push and when to wait it out.

Salesvue assists sales and marketing teams by capturing data in real-time to create detailed, descriptive reports. These reports give you insight into how prospects are communicating with your sales reps, how they are reacting to campaigns and even which times of the day/day of the week they seem more responsive. Request a demo to learn more.

To learn more about why you need a prospecting process, download our white paper: