CRMs, or customer relationship management systems, are a necessity in every business toolkit. Sales CRMs specifically enable owners to track different aspects of their business as well as address challenges, which could include operational issues, client attrition rates, declines or spikes in sales and unrealistic forecasting. In other words, sales CRMs can help give you the insight into what is working and what is not, which could ultimately impact the revenue of your business. Here are three reasons as to why sales CRMs are specifically crucial for sales success along with some insight into how to better use  your current sales CRM.

Better Client Understanding and Management

Your customers are at the heart of your operation, and the better you understand their needs and preferences, the better your chance to success. Sales CRM systems can analyze customer and prospect data points and group them together based on their behavior and preferences. Customers and prospects can be segmented appropriately for targeted marketing efforts. Sales CRM's can also help you gain greater visibility into your audience, and, ultimately, help you create better long-term retention plans.

More Predictable Forecasting and Profit Tracking

A sales CRM gives you a snapshot of how your business is performing. You can see how many deals are closed, how many are in the pipeline, how many new leads are added each day and how many old customers are coming back to you. This makes for better forecasting, as well as more accurate financial reporting. Sales CRMs also give you the power to benchmark yourself. You can determine how well you are performing compared to the previous quarter, or measure against the target you've set for yourself this quarter.

Data in Real-time to Make Smarter Decisions

With a sales CRM, you get to see how your customers and prospects are reacting in real-time. Once you figure out where you're adding value and where your efforts are lacking, you can take the necessary steps to adjust and adapt. A sales rep may need coaching in a particular area, or you may need to invest more in certain operations. Sales CRMs and analytics show you how well the business is performing on all fronts: sales, service and marketing. You can predict and establish ROI and use it to justify investments and create long-term plans. While a sales CRM is a necessity, sales force automation software is just as important to the health of your business. Salesvue is a one of a kind sales force automation application for Salesforce. Salevue uses data in the the Salesforce CRM to provide customers with real-time information on conversion patterns, like how many calls it takes to get someone on the phone, how many conversations it takes to schedule an appointment, how each sales rep is performing and how your team is performing overall. Salevue also gives you filtering options so you can review success rates based on campaign, sales rep, day of the week and even time of day. To see Salesvue in action, ask for a demo today. For more information on using your current sales CRM data to find out your optimal sales number, download our latest white paper, The Math of Sales: Your Formula for Sales Success, by filling out the form below: