The sales cycle can be a long and complicated process. Some prospects take longer to close, while others convert quickly and easily. Some prospects may need a different kind of selling approach. At the other end of the spectrum, your sales representatives also have different styles of functioning. Some sales reps may struggle with certain tasks. For others, there may be a specific point in the cycle where things go wrong and potential customers walk away.  At every step in the sales cycle, you want to be able to keep track of information so that you can use it to improve your results. Creating and filling out sales reports is a great way to stay on top of everything that goes on in your cycle.


Sales reports give you access to invaluable data. Data that is generated by your team as they work. Here are some of the basic things you can uncover from a sales report:
  • Who your customers are;
  • Where your leads are coming from;
  • What prompts prospects to buy;
  • What keeps prospects from buying;
  • Campaign success rate;
  • Closing rate


In order for a sales manager to track how much time is spent on different sales activities, and whether the team is meeting their targets and daily goals, it makes sense to look into the daily activities of each sales representative as they interact with clients and prospects. These reports give you a picture of how many leads have been touched in a day and how many prospects have been spoken to. Some prospects are easy to pin down, others may need frequent reminders and calls. Depending on the nature of the prospect and how much cajoling they need, you can check on the frequency of calls and follow-ups. You can also get an idea as to the nature of these calls, the outcome, and the average length of each call.


Salesvue captures data easily, and makes it easy to look into trends and identify problem areas and successes. The one-click call screen enables sales representatives to log calls easily, as well as add a quick summary of the outcome of the call without leaving the page. Salesvue's total activities report provides a snapshot of the sales and prospecting activities of the entire team over a given period of time. Salesvue further enables you to refine your search, sifting through data based on campaign, sales representative or even a custom search, like geography. Salesvue helps you pinpoint trouble points and identify success, so that recreating that success becomes easier. Salesvue is a Salesforce sales engagement platform for sales teams that want to do more, close more, and improve more.