There are many reasons why is the preferred CRM solution for companies around the world. It's easy to access, user-friendly, flexible and functional. But there's another reason why wins the sales CRM platform battle when stacked up against competitors: innumerable apps which make for a better and more robust experience. Many apps are native, which means you don't have to worry about moving data in and out of, which can lead to data corruption. Plus, native Salesforce applications share the same level of security, so you don't have to worry about your data. Here is a list of useful Salesforce applications for sales teams. They are customizable, easy to install and, of course, very useful! Oh, and the best part? They are all free!

There are several other fun and free apps which can be used to motivate your sales team and keep your contacts happy. Tango allows you to send digital gift cards to your contacts, while Quote of the Day lets team leaders send inspirational messages to their reps with a built-in share, like and comment function. While free apps can improve your overall Salesforce experience, there are other paid tools that can actually lead to revenue. Salesvue, a native application on Salesforce, uses the data in to provide customers with real-time data, including:
  • Conversion patterns
  • Number of touches, on average, it takes to get a prospect on the phone
  • How many conversations it takes to get an appointment/meeting
  • How many meetings lead to a closed sale
  • How well each individual sales rep is performing
  • How well the sales team is performing overall
And, with Salesvue, you don't have to worry about running manual reports. Salesvue shows you, in real-time, the dollar value of every activity your team completes. Just by having Salesvue, your team is already making 600% fewer clicks to log a call. Furthermore, we upped the ante and added a dialer right into the Salesvue interface. Just click a contact, and then hit the dial button.