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Understanding Your SDR Needs: Identifying Your Input and Output

By Salesvue

SDR is a booming role in the sales world, aimed to ensure your sales organization’s pipeline is fully, steadily, and predictably supplied with qualified leads, appointments, and opportunities. As you navigate the responsibility of hitting sales objectives amidst growth and change, you need to arm yourself with quantifiable, actionable metrics to ensure your company’s success:

  • Do you truly need to hire more reps?   or…
    • Are your current reps and processes unproductive?
  • Do you just need more leads in the funnel?   or…
    • Are your current lead sources inefficient?
  • How many prospects, precisely, will your team need to hit goal next month?
  • How many ‘touches’, precisely, does it take for your team to set an appointment?
  • How many ‘touches’, precisely, does it take for your team to close a deal?
  • How much of your current revenue forecast is real?

Can you answer these questions for your sales organization or are you struggling to get the insight you need? This white paper explores your team’s input and output relationship and how you can use it to make data-driven decisions. Download this white paper to learn how to answer these questions and identify your input and output ratio now.

Understanding Your SDR Needs Whitepaper

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