Your competitors are using it:

Lagging behind the competition is not a winning strategy. They’re working more efficiently than ever.

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“87% of sales development organizations have adopted a sales engagement platform.”

Improved Performance:

Sales engagement simply helps organizations close more deals.

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“9 out of 10 sales orgs consider a Sales Engagement Platform (SEP) critical to their team’s success.”

More Selling Opportunities:

Scaling more personalized messaging means better engagement with prospects and clients.

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“Case studies show that access to engagement platforms leads to up to 15% more meetings, a 27% higher reply rate on queries, and a 46% higher open rate.”

Increased Efficiency:

Repeatable cadences and CRM integration means reps save critical time.

“When it comes to enterprise-grade selling, nothing quite gives a business an edge like having a sales rep process 50 leads per hour instead of five -- all without making sacrifices on their quality of work.”

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Greater Adoption:

Ramping reps is easy when there’s a system and process in place, and it all helps them succeed. Reps want to use the best technology available.

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“Top [sales engagement] platforms are getting 60%+ daily active users... In comparison, traditional enterprise software gets 10% to 20% daily active users.”

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What is sales engagement?

In the simplest terms, sales engagement is the interaction between a company’s sales team and its clients and prospects. It involves making calls, sending emails, setting meetings, and reaching out through various mediums in order to grow and retain your customer base, and of course, to increase your revenue. Businesses with automated programs outpace those using manual methods of tracking and engaging clients and prospects.

Researching prospects, tracking data, scheduling, rescheduling, making calls and sending emails allcreate clutter that slows efficiency when performed manually or without a gameplan. Sales teams are more likely to miss cues in the sales cycle to ask for a referral or waste time and resource without a sales engagement platform.

Whether you’re on a sales team or run one, your business will benefit from a more automated, scalable approach. Perhaps you need to see better performance from your reps. While manual methods may have worked in the past, sales engagement platforms add consistency and continuity as well as structure to a sales rep’s day.

What to look for in a sales engagement platform:

  • A single interface for daily tasks so sales reps don’t have to wonder about who to contact, what to say, or how to engage prospects.
  • Cadences and automated work-flows to provide the structure for consistent and efficient engagement, whether it be outbound prospecting, quarterly touchpoints, or anything in between.
  • Email scoring, so there’s never a question which clients and prospects should get priority.
  • Real-time activity data, so you can get insights to coach sales reps and make strategy adjustments.
  • Telephony suite, including features such as: click-to-call, call tracking, call recording, listen & barge, live agent power dialer, and recorded voicemail drop.
  • Email features such as: automated emails, bulk email & scheduling, templates, A/B testing, real time notifications, deliverability tracking, email prioritization, mail merge, and the ability to send rich media.
  • Analytics that provide you with reports that tie sales activities to marketing initiatives so you can save time and identify the most productive plans.

Already using Salesforce?

Improve your Salesforce sales engagement and boost Salesforce adoption among your sales team with Salesvue’s Salesforce-native sales engagement platform.

With Salesvue, sellers never have to leave their Salesforce instance, and a single interface for sales rep communication tasks and appointments makes it easy for them to use.

Automations can be created to update multiple contact fields in Salesforce with a single button click, making Salesvue one of the most attractive sales engagement platforms for Salesforce users.

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