With research showing the average return on investment for CRM at $8.71 for every dollar spent, it’s no wonder that CRM technology, such as Salesforce, continues to grow. In fact, 91% of companies with more than 11 employees are now using a CRM system. But if you’ve invested in a CRM, and your sales reps aren’t using it properly (or at all), you are not alone. According to CSO Insights, less than 37% of sales reps actually use their company’s CRM system. Sales reps often report that they haven’t adopted the CRM because it’s too complicated. And if they don’t have the time or the desire to figure out how to use it, no one wins. In this post, we’ll show you three ways you can increase Salesforce adoption with Salesvue.

  1. Be one with the force. If your sales processes and workflows don’t align with the way your Salesforce implementation is set up, your reps will not be efficient. They need to reduce administrative task time and get into more conversations. Salesvue’s Salesforce-native sales engagement platform saves them time by providing measurable and repeatable cadences, automated and bulk emails, email templates, a one-click dialer, and the ability to log activity, all within the existing Salesforce instance. Salesvue can be configured to make sure all native Salesforce fields that are important to your business are consistently maintained. Plus, you can update multiple fields in Salesforce with a single button click. salesforce contact record in salesvue
  2. Keep it simple. If it’s easy for sales reps to follow a plan, they are more likely to do so. To make it easier for them and maintain your focus on being customer centric, you need to be able to scale the best practices you’ve identified throughout the entire sales cycle based on the needs of your prospects and customers. With Salesvue’s configurable workflows, you can use customized best-practice cadences that take advantage of the best sales behaviors in your organization. You can define a series of activities you want your team members to follow and automatically trigger other activities or actions based on the outcome of the cadence activities. With everything they need in one place, sales reps don’t have to guess what to do when; they can simply focus on the tasks at hand. Keeping it simple helps boost Salesforce adoption. salesvue tasks
  3. Give accurate feedback. If you have fragmented or incomplete data, you don’t have insight into it, and you may be encouraging the wrong behaviors in your sales reps. With Salesvue, Sales Managers have all their prospecting and funnel data in one place. Salesvue’s Salesforce reports more accurately identify how rep activities correlate to results so they can base their feedback to sales reps on reliable information. Sometimes, your sales reps are simply giving up too soon. Salesvue’s Prospecting Success Report will allow you to show your sales reps that persistence pays off. As shown in the report below, at calls eight and nine, the conversion rate is respectively thirteen and fourteen percent, indicating that the reps are leaving money on the table if they don’t make enough contact with a prospect.
prospecting success report Because it is native to Salesforce, gives an easy-to-use experience, and provides sales managers access to accurate feedback, Salesvue can help improve your team’s Salesforce adoption rates. And, while these are our top three, we assure you there is more! See how Salesvue can help your sales team with a personalized demo, or check out a video demo.