Tips for Sales Enablement

Sales enablement is a big term and covers many aspects of the sales process. Sales enablement can mean a number of things to any business, but here are a few aspects:

  • tips for sales enablementEquipping your sales representatives with the right tools to effectively communicate why your product or service is better;
  • Being able to communicate well within your sales team so that everyone is on the same page;
  • Making sure sales and marketing are aligned;
  • Ensuring that your customers get the right communication and marketing materials


Like we said, knowledge drives the sale – knowledge about your leads and target audience, knowledge about customers and where they are located, knowledge about your product or service. The dissemination of the right information at a crucial time at the right place will push your deal forward. Marketing should share all their lead intelligence data with sales so that the sales representative is aware of the level of engagement of those leads. Similarly, sales should share customer information so that marketing can re-engage with existing customers.


This means communicating to your customers and prospects in the pipeline, within your team as well as other departments within your organization like marketing. As a team leader, you need to be on top of what your sales reps are up to and where they stand with their prospects. There also needs to be timely meetings and reviews between sales and marketing. You need to identify what practices are working well, which areas need fixing and look at how you can come up with a workable solution. When sales and marketing work together, you can also set standards and define benchmarking metrics as well.

You can eliminate these worries by using a product like Salesvue. Automated follow up and customizable campaigns guide sales reps through which points to touch and eliminate guesswork. By controlling recency and frequency, management can identify best practices and make sure no lead slips through the cracks!